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Is there somewhere to go to find out exactly which programs are incompatible with Lion? I’ve been reading comments at the AppStore (for the Lion upgrade) and people are complaining a lot about several programs not working (like MS Office and Quicken). These incompatibilities might influence my decision to upgrade significantly. I know that programs that used to run on Rosetta won’t work with Lion but is there an easy way to tell which ones these are? For example, does FileMaker Pro 8 work in Lion? A lot of people are also saying that Flash doesn’t work either. I feel like I need to do some extensive research before making the switch. Any help you can offer is appreciated.

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    7/27/11 @ 3:54 pm

    There’s no one place, because there is so much software. Best to just look at which applications you have, and then go to those developer web sites and see what they say.
    Microsoft Office 2008 and 2001 seem to work, but with minor bugs. Quicken 2007 has been widely discussed as not working (PowerPC) by Quicken Essentials (which replaced it) works. Flash works, but you must have the most recent version of Flash (major update earlier this year) and Adobe has been promising an even newer (and less buggy) one specifically for Lion soon. Not sure about FileMaker — check their site.
    Basically, if it is PowerPC-only, it doesn’t work. If it is Intel, then it works, but if the developer hasn’t tested it and continued development recently for Lion, then there could be bugs (well, there are always bugs…)

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