Forum Question: Increasing the speed of my network

What is “multicast rate (low, medium, high)” in the Wireless Network Option? Where I see the speed of my local network?
How can I increase this speed?

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    7/16/11 @ 9:46 pm

    Multicast rate lets you trade off speed for range. I think it is “high” for best speed, sacrificing range. “low” is best range, sacrificing speed. But depending on your situation you may or may not notice a difference.
    Your network speed should be as fast as it can be at all times. There’s no way to slow it down with a setting, really. So increasing your speed is a matter of getting new equipment. But if you are using a recent wi-fi router (802.11n) and recent computer (also 802.11n) then that’s really the best you can do now. Interference (other routers, wireless telephones or remotes) may affect things a bit, but that is hard to measure and it varies.

    7/16/11 @ 10:43 pm


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