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Inserting Right Page Section Throws Off Pagination

I start each chapter on a new section. The first page of the new section will appear on the right side in the book (that’s expected) and consequently, has an odd page number. If the previous section had an odd number of pages, Pages inserts a blank filler page to make sure the next section will start on the right hand page of the book (also expected).

For some reason, the filler pages are “skipped” from a page number sequence perspective so the new section incorrectly starts with an even page number even though it is correctly positioned on the right side of the open book.

Also, the filler page is entirely blank – no invisibles, no header, no footer, nothing…

Any idea why this may be happening? Thanks in advance.

I’m using Pages 10.0 on iMac running Catalina 10.15.5

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    2 years ago

    I assume you have "Facing Pages" turned on, right?
    Then, in Format, Section, you have "Section Starts On" set to Right Page, is that right?

    Look like your only option is to either use Next Page instead of Right Page and manually insert a Page Break to force it to go to the right page. Or, use the Page Numbering options to "Start At" instead of "Continue from previous section."

    2 years ago

    Thanks for answering so quickly.

    Yes, I have Facing Pages turned on.
    Format Section is set to Right Page for each section

    I have discovered the same work arounds you mention and, while they work, they are still work arounds. (Using "Start At" works best, but should only be done once you have finished everything else.) I will use them, of course. I am just wondering if this is a known issue or, for some strange reason, expected behavior.

    Thanks again.

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