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Install CD/DVD, Yes or No?

I just bought a new MacBook Pro, a 13″ without Retina display, that came without the install discs. Should I make some. If yes, how?

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    7 years ago

    Macs haven’t come with install discs for a while. Actually, if you look carefully at your new MacBook you can see that it doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive at all.
    OS X no longer comes on an optical disc and hasn’t since Snow Leopard.
    So what happens if you need to re-install?
    Well, for most users, you should never need to. I’m a power user and I haven’t needed to re-install OS X for years.
    But if you did, you can use the Recovery Partition that is on your Mac. See

    John M. Hammer
    7 years ago

    Gary, the non-Retina MBP 13″ has an optical drive:

    I find it useful to keep an installer on external media. This can be as simple as keeping the “Install Mac OS X” app from the Mac App Store on a bootable backup. To make an installer on a little USB thumb drive or a DVD disc, read this:

      7 years ago

      Ah, sorry. I read it fast and saw “retina” and assumed it was the one with the drive.
      I have a video on creating an external USB drive recovery drive:
      But it isn’t the kind of thing that most users need to do.

        John M. Hammer
        7 years ago

        “But it isn’t the kind of thing that most users need to do.”

        I agree.

    7 years ago

    If you need an optical drive you can always purchase an external one if needed.

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