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Basic question… I make a simple “backup” with Time Machine after the installation of Lion to my HD? I have new MacBook Pro, June this year using Snow Leopard. My Time Capsule is set up and working fine. I want to install OS X Lion using the USB drive I will buy from Apple (can’t get downloads very well). In effect, by making a backup will this simply install Lion on my Time Capsule? I have no third-party apps installed (just a Safari extension Print Plus, Google earth, quicktime). I have plenty of memory available.
Mike Wheless

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    8/29/11 @ 6:46 am

    So, you don’t really mean “install” Lion on your Time Capsule, I think. You just mean that once you update to Lion will your backups include backing up the Mac OS X Lion system files to your Time Capsule.
    So OS X is just a collection of files. Snow Leopard is a collection of files (System Folder, Library Folder) and Lion replaces that with a collection of files. Time Machine backs up all of the files on your drive. So once you replace Snow Leopard with Lion, your next backup will be a big one to copy all of those new Lion system files to your Time Capsule. After that first post-Lion backup you will have a complete backup of your hard drive again.
    Is that what you mean?

    Michael Wheless
    8/29/11 @ 4:53 pm

    Sorry if I use terms incorrectly. I will be buying the USB drive from Apple, put it into the USB drive and follow the directions to begin to use Lion. What I have seen and read is that there will be choices for me to make, such as which drive Lion is supposed to “update”. I have only the Mac drive and the Time Capsule which is connected wirelessly.

    What you wrote makes complete sense, as the Time Machine will, of course, begin to backup as usual. I guess it will then just be a longer backup as it copies what is now the Lion system files.

    But that begs the question,,,,,should the Time Machine be on or off when I place the Lion USB into my Mac Book?

      11/1/11 @ 5:41 pm

      Hi, my problem is a little different. My lion was slow… I figure i would delete the HD (not recovery partition) and reload Loepard. Problem is…it won’t let me. It wants my to loan lion again…. So I do Command-R and all is good…I re-download it BUT at 90% or so it asks me if i really want to cancel (which i obviously don’t) and gives me no other choice to cancel. I have tried to re-download 10 times and always the same thing. I don’t have the Lion CD or USB since I downloaded it from App store. I don’t have a time capsule so I can’t use that from my other mac and use “backup from time capsule”. I am stuck.

        11/1/11 @ 5:45 pm

        Bad idea to try to delete your drive and start again. All you can do is to keep trying, and if you can’t get it then go visit the Genius Bar.

    8/29/11 @ 5:25 pm

    OK. I see. The Lion Install Disk (USB Drive you are buying from Apple) will update your Mac’s internal hard drive to have Mac OS X Lion instead of Snow Leopard. Your Time Machine disk isn’t a system disk, so it doesn’t have a bootable OS on it, so it doesn’t get updated at all. But it does contain a backup of all of the files that make up Snow Leopard. Since those will no longer be on your Mac’s drive, they will go away. In their place will be a backup of all of the files that make up Lion.
    Don’t do anything special when installing Lion as far as Time Machine goes. Just leave it on.

      Michael Wheless
      8/29/11 @ 6:59 pm

      As usual, your responses make sense and are understandable. You add enough detail to be clear. Thanks.

      I know you may not take the time to search websites for advice in the way a novice like myself will search. When I did do my searches, I find all sorts of advice, well-intentioned. Unfortunately, much of it was geared toward Mac users with a longer period of use, and thus, a larger set of potential problems.

      For example, after a while, I will almost certainly be adding third-party software etc. But, for the simpler systems, like mine, the advice I get adds details I don’t need or understand completely (like issues with disc partitions, with reinstallation or download problems with the App Store).

      Your website and podcasts are always quite clear. Not only the narrative, but the screen shots (I especially like it that your face is shown as you type or move the pointer).

      I, for one, would welcome a podcast about the basic installation process. However, your advice here has helped enormously.

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