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Installed Safari 5.0.3, after restart menu bar all weird??

So after installing Safari 5.0.3 (most recent update) my Mac restarts like it’s supposed to, but the menu bar didn’t load all the menu bar apps/icons e.g. clock, WiFi signal indicator. Some icons like for Caffeine were barely visible (could just make the out), and the gray background color of the menu bar wasn’t there. I click on the menu bar and the gray background comes back along with all the icons! I do another restart and things seem to be ok.

Should I do anything else? P RAM zap? Repair permissions? Any idea what happened installing the Safari update? I have ClickToFlash installed and the update addresses many Flash issues, perhaps the new update conflicted with ClickToFlash?


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    9 years ago

    It sounds like whatever happened with temporary and corrected with the second restart. Unless you have more problems, I wouldn’t worry about it

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