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iOS 10 Update Via iTunes How Much Space Needed On Phone?

Wife’s phone 2.1 gb free. I read iOS 10 dl 2 gb but needs 2.5 gb for install. If I update via iTunes. The 2 gb dl goes to Mac Does she just need the .5 hb free for install? Also would it’s install work since she has enough space to dl. Will phone delete apps to make room then reinstall apps after install.

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    4 years ago

    Too many factors for me to predict. The update will vary by model. You may have more space free on your phone than you think as many things like Photos will adjust in size as needed. Just try it and see when the time comes. It will tell you if there isn’t enough space.
    It won’t delete apps for you (of course not) but you can remove some apps now if there are some big ones you aren’t using. That may make it easier for you. Then add them back when you are done if you need them again. Otherwise, figure out if there is something else (rented movies? old Messages conversations? old music or audiobooks?) that you don’t need. It is good to do a cleaning every once in a while to get rid of stuff you don’t need. So why not now?

    4 years ago

    is ios 10 compatibile with latest itunes available for mac os x lion? After updating my iphone 5 to ios 10, itunes is not able to detect my iphone.

    4 years ago

    Antonio: Lion? I’m not sure but I doubt that it will work with Lion since that is so old.

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