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iPad Browser With Flash

What is the best iPad Browser that is Flash enabled? Need to view flash content in education setting in 1:1 iPad environment.

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    11 years ago

    There really isn't one.
    You see, in order for Flash to work in a browser, the entire Flash playback engine needs to be embedded into the browser. On your computer, this is done with a plug-in provided by Adobe. But Adobe doesn't make this plug-in for iOS. (Doesn't make it for Android either, though they did for a while).
    So how do some browsers claim to run Flash? Well they run Flash on a computer that is somewhere else. Then they take the pixels from the display of that computer and pipe them to your iPad. So you aren't running Flash. You are seeing another computer run Flash.
    The problems with this are many. Speed is a big one. Also controls for Flash apps that require keyboard input, like many games do. And security is another big one: you are virtually using another computer to browse the web. Any information you use, cookies that are set, etc, are on that computer. Which is not in your control.
    So I advise people to avoid these types of browsers completely.
    Now, that said, if someone knows of a solution that guarantees your security, and also the content you want doesn't need a keyboard, then I'd like to hear about it.

      John Berlin
      11 years ago

      Thanks Gary, I appreciate your timely response.

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