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Ipad Bug Not Rectified after 2 updates !

Hi Gary this was a strange problem.
I troubleshooted with apple Support over the phone for over 2 weeks for a particular bug on the ipad. Here goes –
The bug lies in the WEEK VIEW of the Calendar. If the Settings General – International – is set to India, the Calendar behaves in this way in the WEEK view Only.
The right arrow to scroll to the next week does not respond. And taping on the left arrow, scrolls back 2 weeks.
Try it.
Apple promised they would rectify it in the Update IOS 4.2. I checked it then and it had not be rectified. I face the same problem in IOS 4.3 too. Still hasn’t been rectified.
Is there any alternate way to draw their attention to this ?
Thanks !

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    10 years ago
    Cyrus Dubash
    10 years ago

    Opps sorry the Title should have been Not Rectified for updates ! :) can u correct it Gary ? thanks :)

    Cyrus Dubash
    10 years ago

    Thanks Gary I wrote to feedback now. I wonder if it will help !

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