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iPad Email Never At the Top

When I open email the app has my curser down about 30 emails. I have to scroll up to the top every time. It there a setting to tell my iPad email app to place the email either at the top most of my email list. All emails are read. I just want to be at the top of the email list instead of 1/3 down.
David Christensen

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    6 years ago

    In Settings, Mail there is a setting for "Most Recent Message on Top." Try turning that on to see if it helps.

    Eric Steinacker
    6 years ago

    Mail does not open with latest emails despite setting to 'most recent messages at top'

    6 years ago

    Eric: I don't think there is a way to customize this. I hadn't noticed before I guess because I try to keep my Inbox pretty empty.

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