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iPad Keynote to wireless projector

My pastor would like to use the IPad from the pulpit to show a Keynote slide show through the projector in the sound booth using a wireless connection. If it is possible, please list the hardware and software needed. Thanks Jeff Knouse

— Jeff Knouse

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    10 years ago

    I know of no device that will do this as you would expect. The only way to send a presentation outside of the iPad now is to use the VGA adapter (though the component video adapter should work too). So if you bought some sort of wireless video device — something non-iPad specific — and piped the iPad to it, and then had it send the video wirelessly, that would work. Except that you’d still have a cable coming from the iPad to the wireless video device. That being the case, you might as well have the cable go to the sound booth anyway — much easier, cheaper and more reliable.
    The new AirPlay functionality might be one way to do it though. That should be in iOS 4.2 for the iPad in November. You can play a video on the iPad and then pipe it to an Apple TV in the booth. The video can be an exported presentation. Maybe Apple will even allow Keynote to work directly with AirPlay, but we won’t know until then.
    Another way to do it would be to use the iPad and Screen Sharing (or as a second monitor) to control a Mac in the sound booth. Then the presentation runs on the Mac, but you can see it and control it from the iPad. You can do this now. See episode 406:

      Doug Hart
      10 years ago

      the new Apple TV module, a router and or ad hoc network off of a Mac laptop… Combine those and see what you can do. DH

    9 years ago

    Hello – Panasonic has an app available FOc that will alow an iPOD/iPAD to connect wireless to any Panasonic projector that has wireless capability to present a presentation. The only proviso is that the presentation has to be either .pdf or .jpeg

    9 years ago

    there is still another way to do this; i use this to teach Bibke study.

    Install keynote on iphone and connect it to projector.

    install keynote remote on ipad and run in 2x mode

    you will have a large display of the remote to control the keynote on the iphone. i assume ipod touch will work as well.

    When ios5 is released you can use AppleTV instead of iphone and run keynote on the ipad2 ( will not work with iPAD 1.

      8 years ago

      And why would it not work on iPad 1 with IOS5?

        8 years ago

        Video streaming with AirPlay (or cable) is a feature added with the iPad 2. It isn’t part of the iPad 1.

    Chuck konkol
    8 years ago

    Mobile presenter, syncpad

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