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iPad & Network woes

I have an iPad running on a network with a Netgear router. I have noticed that since I got the iPad, the network is reassigning the IP addresses all the time, which is messing up a bunch of other things on our network (e.g. printers). Is this something the iPad might have caused, or are they unrelated? Could/should I assign a static IP address to the iPad? I seem to remember something about the iPad not refreshing its IP address.

Thanks for all you do, Gary.


— Todd Peperkorn

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    10 years ago

    If the iPad is the first/only device that is turned off and on a lot (sleep) then it could be that this behavior has triggered the router to do that.
    But if you have devices on your network that should be at the same local IP address, then you should set up your router to do that. I’m not sure how to do it on your particular router, but Airport Extremes and Linksys routers have this ability in your settings.

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