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iPad Pro Phone Capabilities

I want to give up my iPhone X for a iPad Pro. I want to use it as I would use my phone… possible?
Pete kroner

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    4 years ago

    Depend on what you use it for. Obviously, you'd need an iPad with the cellular connection to use it away from WiFi. Then there is the issue of trying to talk on the iPad like a phone, which is awkward. And for me, there is the issue that I can't possibly carry an iPad with me everywhere I go -- in my pocket. The main feature of my iPhone is that it is always with me. Always. That's huge. If I set a reminder for X:00 I want to know I will hear (or feel) that reminder. If I get an important text message, I want to know. If I see something I want to take a picture of (I like photography) then I want to have my iPhone with me. An iPad could not ever replace an iPhone for me. But you have different needs, so it is really up to you.

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