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I have an iPad (not wifi) that I purchased the first day it was available at the Apple Store.
I had issues with it restarting after syncing, and exchanged it the next day. A couple weeks later, I did it again, as the problem still happened after each sync.
It continued to happen, and any Genius Bar visit or phone help I have received indicated that it is an iPad issue. It seemed to be getting progressively worse, restarting every few minutes after syncing for as long as I would let it.
I had tried everything, and finally found the issue(s). I removed all my photos (after trying music, apps, etc.), and it does not restart after syncing now. However, loading my pictures back in one by one is not possible – I have close to 4000. SO, I added all my albums with no problem, then tried events. I had to do them a few at a time, and ran across 5 pictures taken at different times under different circumstances in different events (some scanned, some downloaded from friends, etc.).
My question, finally, is there are probably at least a couple hundred more events. Do you have ANY POSSIBLE idea what the issue with the pictures may be? They load to the iPhone 4 (and to my past 3GS) with no problem.
Sorry for being so longwinded.

— George

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    9/2/10 @ 9:53 pm

    Interesting. I’ve never heard of a problem like that. I’ve got lots of pictures in my iPhoto collection, many taken with iPhones too. No restarting issues.
    So the idea is that you want to figure out which pictures or events are causing the problem, right?
    A programmer would do a binary search: Say you had 400 events. Load 1-200 first. Check. If you don’t get the problem, then load 201-300. Say, you get the problem. Try 201-250. No problem? Then it must be in 251-300. And so on, always dividing the possibilities in half. That gets you there quickly.
    Another approach is to do them by type, using Smart Albums instead of events to decide which to sync. I would suspect any videos you have in your collection. I can’t imagine much being wrong with simple images, but videos are more complex.

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