Forum Question: Iphone 4 16gb vs 32gb

It’s a year old discussion, I know, but I’m asking again since I’m poised to buy an Iphone 4. Price is a factor but I’m willing to put in the extra money for 32GB but really need to know if it’s worth it.
1) I’m not at all into gaming. Certainly not the high-end graphics ones. I’m more of a puzzles, word games, trivia and crosswords kind of games guy.
2) I have my ipod which’ll be my source for music hearing. I doubt I’ll have more than 6-7 songs on the phone, that too as ringtone options more than listening pleasure.
3) Ditto with movies…I have my macbook and am unlikely to store and watch movies off the phone.
4) The only thing I do foresee doing is taking lots of snaps and videos. Now I will of course, keep backing up and deleting from phone, but I expect to have a lot of HD videos and I’m not sure how much space an average 1 minute HD file would take on the memory card.
5) Most importantly, I’ll want to have as much mail history as I can… preferably 2-3 months of recent mail with attachments stored. And about 1000 contacts.
With this in mind, is the 16 GB good enough? I know the point about more memory being always better and down the road desire for more memory…but if these are my consistent uses of the Iphone, then which do you recommend?

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    4/13/11 @ 6:54 am

    Sounds like the 16GB is for you. The main reason to go higher is if you want to store a ton of music on it, or plan on renting multiple movies for long plane flights.
    Figure on about 100MB/minute for HD video you shoot. It is actually less than that. So if you keep 6GB of space available on the phone for video, that’s an hour of HD video you can store at one time.
    As for mail and contacts, that’s a drop in the bucket. Though storing 2-3 months of mail is a tricky thing — if you use something modern like IMAP for mail then you aren’t really storing much email on the phone. It is all on the server (and then years of email, not months). I suppose you could use old POP email and store 2-3 months of email, though the small screen and simpler “Mail” app would make it hard to do anything with it.

    4/13/11 @ 7:15 am

    I see; yes then 16 does makes sense. Another 2 quick queries on the matter – later whenever iphone 5 comes out, will it be easy to upgrade the iphone 4 to 5 OS? Apparently the upgrade from 3gs to 4 isn’t smooth or of any consequence.
    And does the Iphone use extra disk space as virtual memory like the Mac can? I know the need for it is miniscule compared to heavy mac use, but just curious…

    Thanks so much…

      4/13/11 @ 8:20 am

      Impossible to say how well the iPhone 4 will work with iOS 5. We know so little about what iOS 5 will be. But Apple these upgrades usually work well on the first previous generation. iOS 4 works OK on the 3GS, but not the 3G.
      I think the iPhone does use some amount of leftover space as virtual memory. But probably not a factor.

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