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My iPhone 4 got stolen at 730 pm last night. 
At 9 pm I locked it using the find my iPhone  feature of mobile me ! That is, I assigned a pin code so that he could not make calls.  I did not Wipe it clean.  
Thought of waiting if someone would respond to the messages I sent to the iphone also using find my iPhone. 
This morning I came to my service provider to get myself a new sim card. I have sent the Wipe command today but the phone has been switched off since 10 hours. My new sim card shall be active in 2 hours ! 
My question is that once my new aim card gets activated, the old will automatically be deactivated. So, will the Wipe command still work if he puts a sim card with another number? If he gets latched onto a wifi network, with the new sim card mobile number, will the wipe erase data still happen? 
The lock Pin is already assigned. So would that safeguard my data or can it still be visible? 
I snapshots about my data ! Photos., accounts, lots if important contacts that I would not want to ideally get into the wrong hands. 
I’ve given the IMEI NO. To the cops. But they dont have much hope in finding it. 
Can I block it in someday using the imei number? 
I just don’t want my data to be tampered with. 
U have the latest back up and have luckily restored everything on my old iPhone 3GS that I luckily didn’t sell. So at present I’m Using it. 
Cyrus Dubash

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    6/25/11 @ 12:09 pm

    I don’t know. I’d call Apple and ask them.
    My feeling is that the Find My iPhone feature has nothing to do with the SIM card. It has to do with the internal serial number of the device. That is because the same function works with iPads (and the iPod Touch too, I think) with no SIM cards.
    I wonder, though, if what has really happened is that they have already wiped the phone (using jailbreaking tools or some such) and that is why it is being reported as powered off — it has already been wiped and prepped for resale so it won’t respond to Find My iPhone. Impossible to say.

    nayan modi
    7/3/11 @ 6:00 am

    sir i buy brend new iphone 4g in some store and downlode some application via itunes when i came at my home i find some contect in my fone and some other persone email addresh add in my email box i went there and ask shopkeeper they told me we downlode applications syncronized fone so some other guyz back comes in your phone if thats posibal plzzz reply sone i wanna my money back or i wanaa mew iphone plzzz replzz

      7/3/11 @ 12:01 pm

      You should wipe the phone. Sync it with your Mac or PC and do a factory reset. Or, look in the settings app on the phone.

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