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Hi Gary
I am new to apple one year ago this month I started with the iPhone 3GS and was really impressed how seamlessly things worked on it,so in November when the new 21″ iMacs came out I bought one and switched from a pc to a Mac and again I was impressed.
Then the iPad came out again it impressed me so when the iPhone 4 came out I preordered it and was and was disappointed that apple would release a defective product so unlike apple I am having the same problems as everyone else drop calls signal strength diminishing bars ant the Internet connection seem slot slower than my 3 gs I wonder how many of the 1.7 million phones sold have been returned?

My question is do you think that they will come out with a workable fix or do you think I should return the phone now since there is no restocking fee and wait for the next generation iPhone that will undoubtedly work. I could really use your expert advice since you know apple as well as anyone. Thanks gary

— Paulie

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    7/12/10 @ 7:26 am

    There has been a lot said and written about this problem over the weeks. I didn’t find it that big of a deal. Dropped calls? Yes, but in the same places and the same amount as my 3GS.
    And keep in mind that this problem happens with a lot of phones — maybe all. It happened in the 3GS, but the tech media didn’t make a big deal out of it.
    A case helps as your hand is farther from the body. So maybe get a case? I picked up one for $15 — I’d do it anyway to protect it from damage.
    What you do is up to you, but I certainly find the camera, processor, screen and other new hardware features to valuable to consider dropping back to an older model.

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