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My friend just bought a iPhone 4S, she said she could not transfer her info from her old phone to her new iPhone. I asked her to come over and I would try to help. I have tried connecting her iPhone 4S to my MBP but connect even get them to connect. I read on Apple forums that the iPhone does not support file transfer… true ????

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    1/14/12 @ 3:36 pm

    Right. There’s no support for any sort of file transfer over Bluetooth. Even if there were, it would need to be app-based. Files don’t just “exist” on iOS, they are a document belonging to an app. So the app would have to have some documents, and have a Bluetooth file transfer option.
    But it sounds like you just want to get “her info” onto the phone. Not sure what you mean by that, but I can guess that you just mean her contacts?
    The way to do that would be to get her contacts from the current location/system that she is using and move them onto her computer, then sync those contacts with her iPhone.

    1/14/12 @ 5:39 pm

    I just re-read the way I wrote my question and I apologize for the horrible grammar, I guess my frustration was showing. I was referring to her contacts and thanks for the suggestion, we were able to accomplish that task with your help. Just one other question, are you saying she will not be able to bluetooth (wireless) photos taken on her iPhone to another laptop (my MBP) ? This, I do not understand, especially since we can do that with her $50.00 Motorola. Is this bcuz of IOS ?

      1/14/12 @ 8:18 pm

      No you don’t use Bluetooth to do that. You would dock with your computer and transfer pictures that way.
      Bluetooth is a slow connection. What was the resolution of the pictures taken with the $50 phone? Pretty low, I’ll bet. Easier to transfer with a slow Bluetooth connection You probably don’t want to try that with an 8MP photo from the iPhone 4S.
      Pus, if you are in the same room with your computer, then you should be on the same network. Then just email the picture if you don’t have a cable handy.

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