Forum Question: Iphone Sync: What is the “Importing photos step” for?

Always when I sync my iPhone, iTunes spends a lot of time in “Importing Photos, Step 4 of 4”. Why??
I’ve not asked it to import any images. Often I’ve just perfomed a sync and doing a second one to get rid of thos items I’ve unchecked – so there is no new images…
Sometimes it says “Copying images.
It’s annoying to wait for something that shouldn’t happen.
Stefan Jonsson

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    1/24/11 @ 3:37 pm

    When you sync your iPhone, you’ve got several tabs in iTunes. One is for Photos. What do you have selected in that tab?

      Stefan Jonsson
      1/24/11 @ 3:43 pm

      Hi Gary!
      Thanks for a great podcast!
      I’ve got Photos set to sync images with iPhoto. I use the second option; to sync checked albums, events and faces and to automatically include events from the latest 12 months.
      My software is in Swedish so I’m probably a bit of on what is displayed in the English version.

        1/24/11 @ 3:52 pm

        Yes. So that is what it is doing. It is syncing your photos. It copies photos from iPhoto to your iPhone as requested. Since it does the “latest 12 months” and time is moving forward, then it is always checking to make sure it has the latest 12 months of Photos, and also that the albums on your iPhone match the albums you selected to sync.

    James W
    1/30/12 @ 2:34 pm


    I have the same question as Stefan. iTunes takes absolutely ages on the “importing photos” step, but it’s not importing any photos from my iPhone and it’s not copying photos to my iPhone either (it has photos copied already but these albums aren’t updated).

    I can only assume it’s making a backup of my Camera Roll, but even when this hasn’t changed it still takes ages each time. No ideas?

    2/9/12 @ 6:51 am

    I can only say “me too!”, but I’m very frustrated by the amount of time this “importing photos” step takes. I’ve got places to be! :-)

    6/15/12 @ 11:32 am

    I have the same problem. I think it’s converting the images for the device. Most images are not synced as-is, but their resolution is reduced according to what the device can display, but I can only guess that that’s what it is. A definitive answer would be nice.

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