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iPhone Tracking

hi gary i was wonderig if there is an app out there that will track a stolen iphone besides the find my iphone app in mobile me as $99 dollars is alot of money if thats all you use in mobile i am hoping that you know of a accurate reliable app that will do the same thing.

— paulie4660

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    11 years ago

    Apps can only do so much. MobileMe has an advantage of being about to access the network in ways that an app cannot, which is why it can locate your phone. An app would have to be running to do that, and you have to wait to see if the thief runs the app. There are a few out there that do some security things, though. But I haven’t used them.
    MobileMe costs only $70 (buy from Amazon, not Apple) and even though you don’t need the other features, you can still use them — the ability to sync to your Mac, the photo galleries and iDisk for instance. Very nice for iPhone users to have anyway.

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