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iPhone Voicemail

I set up my iPhone voicemail and entered a password. Now whn I get a vociemail, I go right to message and I am not prompted for the password…. Shouldn’t I be? For privacy sake?

— Jason Dennis Valade

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    9 years ago

    You won’t be prompted for a password since you are calling from your own phone. There is no privacy issue, unless your iPhone is stolen. If you are worried about that, then you should set a password for your iPhone so the thief can’t use your iPhone at all.

    Brandon Forgues
    9 years ago

    When you first set it up you must not have chose that option. You can change it in voicemail settings when you call it.

    8 years ago

    Is there any way to send a voice mail message to my email so I can keep a permanent record of the message?

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