Forum Question: iPhone wifi issues

Hi Gary,

My iPhone just started this issue. When I came home today it sees my wifi network, but will surfing the web it only uses the Edge network.

I have done the following things to try to correct it.
– restarting the phone
– toggling wifi on and off
– renewing the lease
– forgetting the network and reconnecting with password
– restoring the entire phone and refilling with the itunes backup.

Any ideas?



— Jason

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    4/29/10 @ 8:04 pm

    How do you know it is using the Edge network to surf? If it shows it is connected to wifi, then it should be using wifi for all Internet access. What makes you think it is not?

      4/29/10 @ 8:05 pm

      It has the E where the Wifi logo usually is. The network shows my wifi connection and it is checked as if it is connected.

        4/29/10 @ 9:14 pm

        If you see an E, that means it is nrot comnected to wifi at all. Are you able to connect To the wifi network with any other device?

          4/30/10 @ 3:10 am

          Yes. 3 other laptops and my wife’s iPhone.

            4/30/10 @ 6:02 am

            I can’t figure out what might be wrong from here. Perhaps try taking it in to the Genius Bar and have them take a look. See if it can connect to the wifi network there.

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