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I would like to get this step be step if I could. I have a hockey team and it is the end of the season. I have compiled a series of photos in iphoto and have made a nice slideshow with music, etc. The problem I have is getting the same quality of pictures on a video exported to imovie so I can burn a DVD for the parents.
Can you assist me with this.
Joe Saulnier

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    5/9/11 @ 7:33 pm

    So is it that you don’t know how to export from iPhoto? Or, that when you export you aren’t getting the quality that you want?
    If the latter, then what steps are you using now?
    Keep in mind that photos are usually huge. 3, 5 8, 10 megapixels or so. You get a lot of detail. But if you are trying to make a DVD, then that is just standard definition 0.3 megapixels. Nothing you can do about that. A TV set does not display the same quality as a photograph.

    Joe Saulnier
    5/10/11 @ 10:47 am

    It is the latter. I make the slideshow in iphoto11, export it directly to imovie (mpeg4). Once in imovie project the music is fine but the pictures are blurry. I watch it directly on my new macpro. What you said about the megapixels makes sense. Is there a better way to copy the slidshow to dvd.
    Thanks Joe

      5/10/11 @ 10:55 am

      Not sure what you mean by “export it directly to iMovie.” In iPhoto 11, once you are in your slideshow, there is an Export button at the bottom. Click that and you get size options. Choose the largest. The result is a file.
      Open it with QuickTime Player to watch it and check the quality. Then use iDVD to make a DVD from it. Use File, One Step DVD to make it simple.

    Joe Saulnier
    5/10/11 @ 3:54 pm


    Thanks for your excellent advise. Your last comment put me in the right direction and I now have a nice end of the season, 20 minute movie on DVD to give out to the players. It is in mov format so I hope parents can watch it on there computers. But they should all have macs…….
    Will be in touch as I am sure there will be other learning experiences with my new macbook pro. Getting a ipad2 soon so I can sync the videos.


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