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iPhone4S questions

I have a few questions about the new iPhone4S:
1. Will it operate on Sprint’s CDMA network? A source told me the phone won’t work on Sprint’s CDMA network, instead it will work off Sprint’s Wi-Max network. That seemed kind of odd, but he was pretty sure about it. Just wanted to see if you know for sure.
2. If it does work off of CDMA technology, will it be 3G speeds or 4G speeds?
3. Will the phone work with Sprint service immediately? The reason I ask is the same source told me it’ll be weeks perhaps months before the phone will actually interface/work on Sprint’s network.
Bob P.

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    10 years ago

    We won’t know for sure until the iPhone 4S is out and being sold with Sprint as an option. But according to the specs, CDMA is supported, but there is no mention of Wi-Max. So I don’t know where that “source” got that idea.
    “3G” and “4G” are marketing terms. I guess you could say that the phone is 3G, not 4G, which usually refers to the LTE networks. I’m sure the reasons why the iPhone 4S doesn’t have an LTE chip is because of high battery consumption, size, and the fact that a lot of the world doesn’t have LTE yet (maybe places near me still don’t have 3G yet, in fact).
    But as for the actual speed of the connection, we’ll have to see how fast it is. Apple claims that it will be faster than some 4G phones for downloading.
    Sprint is already advertising the iPhone 4S for Oct. 14. Check their home page.

    Bob in Nebraska
    10 years ago

    Thank you, Gary. I’m a long time Sprint user and have been waiting patiently for the iPhone ability to interface w/Sprint. I’m thrilled with the news I can finally use an iPhone now!!
    FWIW, I’m equally saddened with the passing of Steve Jobs. RIP Mr. Jobs.

      Bob in Nebraska
      10 years ago

      One more thing, I’ll be glad to let you know the speeds I’m getting when I get my iPhone4S. Glad to help out your cause here at
      Thanks again!

    10 years ago

    Also saddened by Jobs’s passing. Watched his 2005 commencement address to Stanford graduates today on CNN. What a guy! – never appreciated him or Apple until “MACifying” about a year ago–after years (and years and years) of MSWin headaches.
    Have been “eligible for a Sprint phone upgrade for about 1/2 year now. The “4S” rollout was disappointing. Sprint coverage is best for my most-often-traveled paths. Will keep waiting for iPhone 5. 3G/4G – who cares? As long as the danged thing works when you want it to work. Don’t use my present c-phone for gaming, or huge pipes of data.

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