Forum Question: iPhone/iPod Touch Apps Icons?

hello! I was just wondering if anyone here knows and is willing to give me some tips on how can I make my own custom icons for my iPhone?
I don’t want to use other people icons , resize, change color or alter them in any way, I wanna learn how to create my own!

please if anyone would take the time to maybe give me some tips I’d really appreciate it!

thank you all in advance!

— Reymago23

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    11/6/09 @ 10:53 pm

    You can’t change the icons of an app on the iPhone. Why would you want to? The developers of the apps have created them to represent their work. What would be the purpose in using your own?

    11/15/09 @ 3:56 am

    You can if you JailBreak it,
    Once uv jailbreaken it install winterboard and download a few themes from cydia.
    Once uv done this SSH into the divice and change the icons you want to change in the folder
    /library/themes/Whatever theme you downloaded/icons

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