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How do we go about reducing the size of a slideshow created in iphoto 2011?
We want to share with friends but it is a huge file.
How do most people share such big files? Upload to something like dropbox or MobileMe etc?
Thank you

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    5/1/11 @ 11:15 am

    So you are making a slideshow, saving it as a video, and then want to send it to friends?
    Consider an alternative method. What is you goal? To share your photos with friends, right? Then why not just do that, rather than creating a video that is difficult to share?
    Consider using MobileMe’s photo gallery. Or an alternative like Google’s Picasa or Yahoo’s Flickr. There are tons of others. Many people like to use Facebook for this too as it is easy to share and restrict sharing.
    If you make a video, and want to make it smaller, you can compress it with something like MPEG Streamclip (or just export from iPhoto in a more compressed format). But size and quality will suffer. With a photo sharing service your friends can see small versions of your photos, and then look at larger ones in more detail if they want.
    (File sharing services would make a good episode. I’ll have to add that to my list).

    5/3/11 @ 11:46 am

    Thanks for getting back to me Gary. Yes, I really like the slideshow function within iphoto 2011. Makes the presentation of photos more appealing. I guess at the end of the day it is a video so I will just have to deal with the file size. I could upload to my MobileMe, Dropbox or even Posterous account and then send a link to my friends.

    7/19/12 @ 5:35 am

    hi Gary, I really like iPhoto for photo and directly sharing it to Facebook, but I find it hard to sharing it directly to Facebook when i’m using slideshow. Can you please send me some tips (or maybe you have already video tutorial on youtube that I did not found it yet) how I can directly shares my slides show to Facebook or even youtube? thank so much

      7/19/12 @ 7:39 am

      Not sure what you mean. Are you trying to create a slideshow in iPhoto and share that to Facebook? Do you mean create a video and share it? Why not just share the photos themselves, as most people seem to do on FB?

        7/19/12 @ 10:59 am

        I use iPhoto with photos sharing to Facebook.
        is there a possibility of sharing slideshow with short video on Facebook or there’s none?

          7/19/12 @ 11:29 am

          You could export it to a video file, and then use the FB web interface to upload it to your FB account.

            7/20/12 @ 6:21 am

            thanks Gary!

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