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I can export iPhoto books and slideshows to the desktop, and even can convert to MP4 for the iPod, but I can’t get out the prepackaged music track off, so that I can add my own choice of background music before I burn it to DVD. The audio that comes with the exports can’t be “unpinned.” Any suggestions on what I can do?

— iPop

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    4/17/10 @ 8:57 pm

    Bring the mp4 into iMovie and then use the Detach Audio function. You can also alter the audio by dragging and dropping the movie into GarageBand.

      4/20/10 @ 7:19 am

      Thanks Gary. I had to convert it to mp4 using TubeTV. I didn’t realize that had to be done. But, I can’t even find a “Detatch Audio function” in iMovie. Perhaps the problem is that I’m using ’08. I plan on updating, and I’ll try it then.

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