Forum Question: IPhoto: Deleting source photo from “Faces” or “Places”

You lazily import photos from your camera into iPhoto without really scrutinizing the photos too closely. iPhoto then arranges them by “Faces” or “Places”. Sometime later you start looking at the photos in “Faces” & decide that this photo is no good & should be deleted for good. Whats the best way to do this? How do you do you find the location of the original photo, then delete the file without screwing up the references to Faces, Places, Events etc.

— Michael wun

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    8/13/10 @ 6:48 am

    Think of Faces and Places as simply search results based on data. The photos aren’t really there. They are in your Events. When looking at Faces or Places you are searching your photos in Events for a person or a place.
    So go to your Events (or Photos) and find the picture there. Delete it. Since you no longer have that photo, it won’t show up in Faces or Places anymore.

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