Forum Question: iPhoto Dropped in Trash

Mistakenly dropped iPhoto icon in trash. Can’t find it anywhere. How can my photo library be restored? (using iMac)

— Gerald Hutton

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    12/12/09 @ 8:57 pm

    First, did you actually empty the trash? If not, then whatever you dropped in there hasn’t been removed. You can just drag it back. But assuming you did empty the trash:
    What, exactly did you throw away? Was it the icon in the Dock? If so, that’s not iPhoto, just a link to it. You can still run iPhoto from your applications folder and drag it from there back to the Dock to restore the alias in the Dock.
    If it was the application from the Applications folder, then it was just the application, not your iPhoto library. You can get it back by re-installing iLife from either the iLife disks or the disks that came with your Mac. You can probably just choose to install iPhoto only from the disk you have.
    Now if it was the iPhoto Library from your Pictures folder that you threw away, then you are in trouble. Hopefully you have been backing up with Time Machine or some other method, because it is the only way to get those photos back without calling in some expert help. And even then, only some of the photos may be able to be recovered.

    Gerald Hutton
    12/17/09 @ 2:11 pm

    Gary: Thanks for your help in retrieving my pics. I found them in annual date order in the Trash still in “event: order; all 2,437 of them! I have ordered Time Machine and will faithfully use it. Gerald

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