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iPhoto freezing since iTunes Update 9.21

Hi Gary,
I have a very strange problem with my iPhoto, which allways freezes on startup. My config ist: iMac 27″ i7 (December) OS 10.6.4. 8GB RAM, 2TB

When Apple issued the iTunes 9.2.1 Update, I got troubles with it right after install, suddenly iTunes crashed. After several tries it finally worked, but since then my iPhoto 8.1.2 crashes each time on startup and does not work anymore.
I reinstalled iPhoto from 8.0 including updates, resetted the Parameter RAM, repaired the HD with the Utility. but nothing helps, iPhoto is dead.
I have no idea what I can do, to get it running. Usually I could throw out some Pref files, to achive that, but I have no clue where the responsible files in the system are, nor what name they have.
I have two other computers, one very new MBP i7 and an 24″ iMac from last year. On both i refused the iTunes update, so iPhoto still works on both. But I still have the big photolibrary on the i7 which I would like to access again.

Do you have a hint, what I could do about this ? Is there anybody else, who experience same troubles ?

— Günther Spohn

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    10 years ago

    The iPhoto preferences are ~/Library/Preferences/
    But it sounds to me like you have a corrupt iPhoto library or something like that.
    Try launching iPhoto with the Command and Option keys held down. This gives you the option to rebuild your iPhoto library.

      Günther Spohn
      10 years ago

      Hi Gary,
      tried what you recommended, cmd/opt brings about the window, but when I start it works for some secs and than stops, empty iPhoto Window with no content left, and freezes.
      Throwing away Pref file also does not help.
      Still same symptom. … :-(

        10 years ago

        I’d make sure that you have a backup of the entire iPhoto Library package. Then I would have an expert take a look at it.

    Günther Spohn
    10 years ago

    OK, thanks. Gü

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