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Hi Gary,

I’ve read a few posts on sharing the iPhoto Library between users on the same machine, including Apple’s support page.

If I only need my wife to use the photos to download to her iPhone, is it good enough to simply move the iPhoto Library from my Pictures folder to the Users -> Shared folder?


— Glenn Downing

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    8/13/10 @ 6:40 am

    Try it and see.
    Having the library in a shared location should work, yes.
    Another option is for her to have her own iPhoto library and for you to copy over any photos she wants to have on her iPhone. Ot really depends on how many photos you have.
    For instance, I have 10,000+ from the last 10 years. So I would create an album of the ones she wanted (maybe 100) and then export them and copy them her iPhoto album which would be easy for her to arrange as she wanted into albums so she could sync with her iPhone.

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