Forum Question: iPhoto / OS Lion can no longer see scrollbar

I recently upgraded to Lion. Now I can no longer see the scrollbar within iPhoto (right-hand side).
How do I get this back?

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    9/2/11 @ 1:01 pm

    Right. Scroll bars are a thing of the past. You use gestures now to scroll up and down. You can also use the arrow keys but selecting a photo or event and moving around to the next or previous one.
    That being said, the scroll bars will appear if you move your cursor long the right edge of the window.
    If you really want to go back to the old way, you can check in System Preferences, General. There are options there to have the scroll bar show “always.”
    It may seem like this is “different” and “why did they change that” and everything. But I just got finished with a project in an application where I had to move around among items. I used gestures to do it. It later occurred to me that if I had to use the scroll bars it would have been an intolerable task.

    9/2/11 @ 7:52 pm

    Once you get used to it, lack of scrollbar will please you. Gestures work SO much better. Shades of older MSWin os-es – with left and right buttons below the pad.
    As Gary said, if you *must* have the visual scrollbar, move to right of screen and tap touchpad. There it is – in all its ingloriousness.

    paul keister
    7/22/12 @ 10:22 am

    while I love gestures, I have over 100,000 photos in iPhoto and gestures doesn’t cut it. I think I’d have to scroll for an hour, ha. I tried the ‘always’ option in preferences and it’s not working in iPhoto still but is everywhere else.

    thank you for any suggestions out of this predicament.

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