Forum Question: iPod 4th Gen cameras compared to iPad 2.

Is the still camera in the iPod 4th generation camera better or worse than the camera in iPad 2?

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    3/24/11 @ 10:49 am

    You mean the video camera that was in one of the iPod Nanos? I think that was technically the 5th gen. I love that nano. Much better than the current one.
    That was a 640×480 camera, so about the same as the front camera on the iPad 2, but not as good as the 720p rear camera.
    You could only use the iPad Nano camera to take video — they didn’t even have a photo mode.
    The thing that makes the iPod Camera great is the weight and size — the tiniest camcorder ever. And with hours of record time.

      Bob in Nebraska
      3/24/11 @ 11:28 am

      Oops! Sorry Gary. I should’ve clarified. I meant to say the iPod Touch 4th Generation, not the Nano.

        3/24/11 @ 11:30 am

        Ah. Well, the Touch actually has a 3 megapixel camera in it, I believe. So much much better than the iPad 2. But not as good as the iPhone 4.

    4/23/11 @ 6:01 pm

    actually I just bought an iPod touch 4g for my 13 year old girl and my mother has an ipad 2 the iPod touch camera is better for people and animal pics (moving pics) and the ipad is better for pictures of the mountains and scenery iPod touch comes in first for videos! as for audio iPod touch is better so it depends on what you want to take pictures of.

    11/2/11 @ 10:27 am

    In my experience the ipod touch 4th gen has a camera that is lot better than ipad 2 because when I make video clips with pictures on it those pictures i took with ipod touch are clearer and have better color than those taken with ipad 2. when you compare pictures make sure it’s on same size screen to see the difference like connecting it on tv.

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