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iPod Touch Account Alternatives for a Child?

Looking to buy an iPod Touch for my child (Under 13). She may want to use Imessage, but my wife and I have iPhones (2 separate accounts)and dont want my child to have to purchase apps that we have already. Just want her to have full functionality but with our monitoring role. What is your suggestion?

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    12 years ago

    Simply set up the iPod Touch as another one owned by you. You can specify alternative email addresses in the iMessage preferences, so she can use her own email address to get messages that won't also go to you.
    Then look into the parental controls if you like. Also make sure you set the App Store to require the password to be entered each time. So she has to come to you to enter a password to buy (or get free) apps.
    Since it is your account, you can download any apps you want to her iPod since it is really "your" iPod.
    Also see

      12 years ago

      Thankyou. If my daughter does download apps on her iPod through my account, can I make sure I don't get any of her reminders/apps on my phone?

        12 years ago

        You will only get the apps she downloads if you check off that preference in iTunes -- The "Automatically Sync New Apps" preference on the "Apps" section of your iTunes syncing pages.

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