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I tried looking around your videos, but didn’t see this question answered. My apologies if I missed it (and just direct me towards it).
I have an iPhone 3GS loaded with apps, both free and paid. I just purchased an iPod Touch and I’ve like to add my iPhone apps to it if possible. Mostly I’m confused about paid apps as I could always install the free ones individually.
Is it possible to share my paid apps to my new iPod Touch (as well as the free) or do I need to purchase them separately?
In addition, when syncing/backing up with iTunes will iTunes keep my syncs/backups separated between these two devices?

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    2/17/11 @ 4:29 pm

    All you need to do is sync. If you have already been syncing the apps to your Mac, then you should have copies of all of them in iTunes on your Mac. Now just sync your new iPod Touch with the same iTunes and you should see all of the same apps appear there — just choose which ones you want to sync over to your new iPod Touch.
    You definitely do not need to purchase them again. I purchase apps and then load them on to both my iPhone and iPad, and also on to old iPhones I still have.
    And yes, iTunes will keep separate backups of each device.

    2/17/11 @ 7:54 pm

    Thanks Gary. This should make life easier.

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