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Is Advanced Data Protection for iCloud Recommended for Most People?

Apple just released “Advanced Data Protection for iCloud”. I am curious to hear your take on this. For those of us that do not have any sensitive data in the apps it protects, is it worth while having turned on (giving that losing the ‘key’ would catastrophic.

If there is a real advantage to having this feature turned on, I will gladly do so and store my key in a safe place. I respect your advice, and this would help me make my decision to turn on or leave off.

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    1 year ago

    Hard to say whether it is "worth while." That's a call you have to make based on your situation and desires.

    Without it if someone were to break into Apple's servers and if they get a hold of your data and if they also get the keys Apple has stored, they could get to some of your data. There are a lot of ifs there. Most likely something a government would force Apple to do through legal channels, not a break-in situation.

    Keep in mind that your government can still force YOU to hand over info, and a break-in can still happen at the weak point (you being tricked into giving access to someone). This just encrypts the data on the server with no way for Apple to ever know what is in there without your passwords/keys.

    The downside is, of course, Apple can't help you if you forget all of your passwords/keys.

    I'd imagine people who work for companies that have strict data security policies would be a main reason people use this. But others who don't mind the risk and want maximum data security would want to use it too.

    You can read more about it here:

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