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Is Apple Pages a Safe Place To Store Passwords ?

I am currently using Apple Pages program to store all my passwords. Pages allows me to assign a password to a file. I hear all the time where some professional password programs are compromised. Is Pages a safe form of protection for my passwords?

Thank You and your program in advance.
Gary Bartholomew

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    3 years ago

    An encrypted Pages document is pretty safe. As safe as any other properly-encrypted document.

    But a password manager is a better place. That is what they are meant for. Why do you think they are "compromised?"

    There is a password manager built into your Mac, using Safari and iCloud. Just use that if nothing else. See

    A key thing you are missing by using a document instead of a manager is protection when you are at a spoofed site. So you end up a instead of You don't notice. With your document you just look up your password and type it in. Now the fake site has your password and can get into your account. But with a password manager it would not match because the site is not the real site. You'd realize the mistake and never give up your password.

    Password managers will also warn you of weak passwords, compromised passwords and other things. They are also a lot easier to use than a "list."

    3 years ago

    My wife and I share a "list" that is in Numbers and kept as a shared document on Icloud Drive. We often have to use this list because Safari and Keychain do not supply the passwords for some sites especially in autofill. Apple Id doesn't autofill anywhere. I'd like to know of a good password manager that is cloud based and will work on all devices.

    3 years ago

    Tom: Most of the big ones are cloud-based and work across platforms. 1Password, LastPass, etc.

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