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Is CleanMyMac Safe To Use?

Hi Mac friends! I have an old Macbook that sadly become a bit slow. After some Google research I found a tool called CleanMyMac. However, it does have some bad reviews and some ppl even says it install bloatware and make the problem even worse. Have someone used it before and have some good (or bad) things to say?
Thanks a bunch :)

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    4 years ago

    I recommend that people do NOT use "cleaning" software for their Macs. Most (all?) of what they do is already done by the system. Some of what they do (clean caches) won't actually speed up your Mac and may slow it down. Some of them may actually be harmful to your Mac. I'm don't use any of them and so can't comment on the particular one you mention. It could one harmless, but you still don't need it.

    If you can't speed up your Mac by simply freeing up some more space (an almost full drive will make it slower) and removing some software that may be slowing things down, then take it to an expert (Genius Bar) for a firsthand look.

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