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Is El Capitan a Dangerous Upgrade for My Mid 2012 MB Pro Retina?

After reading reviews on the App Store, I’m still very concerned about installing Apple’s latest OS X, El Capitan 10.11.3. There are dozens (if not more) of reviews that say, “DON’T DO IT!” They explain horrific experiences that include apps not recognized, slower performance, missing mail, constant rebooting required, reduced battery life, freezing tack pad, wifi connections won’t connect, iMessage not connecting, and the frustration with the constant rotating beachball. Gary, my business cannot afford the loss of performance, so please tell me what’s going on here – is El Capitan a dangerous upgrade? I’m currently running 10.10.5 on a MBPro Retina mid 2012 machine with 8GB RAM and an Intel Core i7. Thank you!

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    4 years ago

    These reviews come with every upgrade of OS X. There are always people that complain. There are always people who don’t like change.
    You get millions of people upgrading without a problem — none of whom will go to the App Store and review it with a “I didn’t have a problem.” So you only see the people with issues. Heck, many people don’t even think about the upgrade for more than a minute — they see it appear, do it, and continue to work. Or, they upgrade automatically.
    Then there are always people who are using odd third-party apps that are out-of-date and then they are surprised when they don’t work with the latest version of OS X. Things like that.
    I upgrade to every version of OS X immediately. Actually, I participate in the betas on some of my Macs so sooner than that.
    Every version of OS X (and Windows and other OSes) have bugs. The version your are using now has bugs. El Capitan is no different. But it also has the latest and greatest features and improvements.

    4 years ago

    Gary, my problems escalated this morning ultimately causing a tech support call which led to an OS X Yosemite reinstall. At one point while we were waiting for the install, I asked the Apple support agent, “What does Apple recommend regarding the El Capitan upgrade for my unit?” I was pleasantly surprised to hear him say, “For some older hardware, Apple doesn’t recommend the upgrade at this time.” He suggested that I increase RAM from 8 to 16GB, suggested that I wait to upgrade to El Capitan.

    4 years ago

    I’m surprised he said that. My MacBook Pro has 8GB and is only an i5, yet I never paused for a second to upgrade and in fact ran the betas on it. No problems. Fast as can be. I disagree with him. Of course if you are having trouble with your MacBook and Yosemite I would get that sorted out first before doing anything else. Funny that you were worried about trouble under El Cap and yet here you are having trouble under Yosemite.

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