Forum Question: Is Having iTunes an Integral Necessity To Owning an iOS Device ?

Having never used iTunes, I dont really want to start now. This is one main reason that I dont own an iPhone. Is iTunes integral to using an iOS device eg an iPhone, or can one live perfectly well without it.
Someone told me that with the introduction of iCloud sync this is now entirely possible and that if someone already that iTunes but wanted to get rid of it, you can transfer the media wirelessly over the same network as your PC.
Thanks for your input on this

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    11/13/12 @ 10:49 am

    It is completely possible to use an iOS device without iTunes. You can buy apps, use iCloud to transfer documents, use other apps (DropBox) to do more, and backup to iCloud.
    So yes.
    However, iTunes is still a very useful tool. And it is free. So why not use it? If you had a toolbox with a hammer, wrench, screwdriver and saw, why would you intentionally decide to not use one of them in particular?
    Maybe you are under the false impression that you have to buy into some sort of system if you use iTunes? That’s not so. It is just an app. You don’t need to use it for things you don’t want to use it for.
    For instance, you could simply use iTunes as a way to back up your iPhone. Or, you could use it to easily transfer music from your computer to your iPhone. But you don’t need to buy music through iTunes or subscribe to podcasts. You can decide how you use it. And since it can be useful to you, then why not at least try it? It is just an app. Just a tool in your toolbox.

      11/13/12 @ 11:07 am

      I think I might be getting “a little lost” over the fact that in the past i’ve heard people say they didnt like iTunes, that it was a bloated application, and that iTunes on a PC does not work as smoothly as on a Mac.

      To clarify in order to purchase Apps from the Mac App Store,do i need to use iTunes (i am aware that i need an apple id – something i dont have.

        11/13/12 @ 11:18 am

        iTunes IS bloated. But you don’t need to use everything in it. Microsoft Word is very bloated, but just because it can be used to produce textbooks and scientific papers doesn’t mean it isn’t good for writing an essay. Photoshop is bloated, but just because it can be used to produce magazine covers and video game art doesn’t mean it can’t be used to crop a photo.
        Just use iTunes for what you need (like syncing music maybe) — you aren’t forced to use it for other things.
        And yes, you can purchase iOS apps directly on your the device. You don’t need to use iTunes for that.

          11/13/12 @ 11:32 am

          For example I notice you produce a video guide to Mountain Lion, in order to purchase that :

          1.I create an Apple ID (Not sure how)
          2.Click on the Mac App Store icon in the dock

          Nothing more complicated than that ?

            11/13/12 @ 12:00 pm

            The Video Guide to Mountain Lion is a Mac app, not an iOS app. It has nothing to do with iOS. It doesn’t run on an iPhone or iPad. It runs on the Mac. So you purchase it in the Mac App Store and run it on your Mac. iTunes never enters into it.
            There is nothing more complicated than that. You will be prompted to create an Apple ID if you don’t have one yet. But are you sure you don’t have one? If you use iCloud or have ever purchased anything an an iOS device (music, app, book ,etc) or ever registered an Apple product then you have one.

              11/13/12 @ 12:17 pm

              No I definitely dont have one, I purchased my Macbook Pro from Amazon (from what I know if I had purchased from an Apple Store then I would have be given one), i’m using snow leopard (plan to upgrade to ML at some point in 2013) so havent used iCloud, and havent as yet owned an iOS device.

              Just to clarify, you say purchasing an app from the Mac App Store doesnt involve iTunes – right ?

              If we take this example:


              The free app above takes you to the Mac App Store – nothing to do with itunes (the url address suggests itunes is involved)

              I just want to understand this fully !

                11/13/12 @ 12:27 pm

                Right. A Mac App is bought in the Mac App Store (not iTunes, which contains the iOS app store). You never need to run iTunes at all to buy, download, install and run a Mac App.

                  11/13/12 @ 12:33 pm

                  Right, fine – so it was the url(refering to itunes) that was misleading me, is that correct ?

                    11/13/12 @ 3:31 pm

                    I see what you mean. Sure. Remember that “iTunes” is a term used a lot by Apple. There is an iTunes Store. There is the iTunes Mac app. There is the iTunes iOS app, etc. But you can see that when you use that URL it launches the Mac App Store.

                      11/13/12 @ 4:39 pm

                      I think this is where the confusion lay, because I was seeing the word iTunes in the web address, I was getting mixed up.

                      To summarise:

                      Mac Apps are solely purchased thru the Mac App Store (via an Apple Mac Computer)

                      In order to access the Mac App Store this done via the icon in the dock or can you go directly to a Mac App Store Webpage as well ?

                      Apps for iPhone, iPod & iPad so called iOS devices are purchased thru the iTunes App Store (via the iOS device itself)

    Steven Law
    11/13/12 @ 11:31 am

    I have an Apple TV and I don’t think that stopping to use iTunes would work in my case. If I was just using an iOS device yes I could dump iTunes. I have already stopped using podcasts via iTunes With the invention of the awful podcasts app on iOS.

      11/13/12 @ 11:57 am

      Well, an Apple TV works fine without iTunes. But you can’t play video from the computers on your network. A lot of people don’t do that at all — they just use Apple TV to rent movies, watch YouTube and other Apple TV apps.

    Mike w
    11/13/12 @ 3:29 pm

    I had similar queries in the past, but found a lot of information by watching Gary’s podcasts. As I watched several, the terminology and process became clearer. I can’t recommend one particular podcast, but spending a little while watching several helped me a lot. I have been using iTunes for a while now and the process makes a lot more sense as I become familiar with it. I get podcasts, music and apps for my iOS devices. I also use it for my Mac and the process is similar (though iOS is a lot cooler in the way it works seamlessly). I also use features of the iCloud and that has worked out fine as well. I was a complete beginner to the process, but Apple has done a pretty good job of making it simple. I started this learning with a MacBook Pro just like the OP. I also used Snow Leopard at first. It really is easier than it appears at first.

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