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Is It Possible To Copy Protect an MP3 File?

Is it possible to copy protect an MP3 file? I don’t mean using the zip file, or inclosing it in some kind of encryption program; I’m curious to know if it can be converted to some sort of protected file type. Like the system that iTunes uses. As far as I know you can’t copy any of iTunes music files, unless you play them through your audio system and record that.

Is there a file type that I could make, to secure an MP3 music file?

Thank you Joe R
Joe Renzetti

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    6 years ago

    iTunes doesn't have any copy protection system like that. It used to, many years ago, but that was removed and now the files are a standard format (aac, mp3, etc). So you can grab any file from the iTunes library and play that with other software, even on another device. I think if you purchase music from the iTunes Store there is information stored in it that identifies you as the purchaser, but I'm not even sure on that as I haven't looked into it in a long while.

    There's no way to easily make a secure mp3 file as you'd need to encrypt it in such a way as to have it play back only in software that you develop. So you'd have to develop software yourself that would do this. You could always embed the music inside an app, for instance, and so the user wouldn't have access to the mp3 file itself, only an app that was a player for the music. Then you could copy protect that app in various ways.

    Often the WHY of a question is important in trying to answer it. If I knew WHY you were trying to do this, maybe I can suggest a solution that would work for you. For instance, if the idea is to have something you composed available online but in such a way that no one could copy it, only listen to it, then I'd imaging a variety of music websites would work, such as SoundCloud.

    Joe Renzetti
    6 years ago

    Good info as usual, thanks.
    Yes, I want to show off some music, but make it not copyable. Sound Cloud is a good solution, but I was thinking of putting it up on one of my own web sites, in it's own player.
    I'll look into ways to copy protect that player app, as you suggest.

    BUT: After thinking about it - SoundCloud might work just fine.
    Thanks, Joe R

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