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Is It Possible To Have Too Many Email Accounts In Mac Mail? It’s Choking!

Is it possible to have too many email accounts configured in Mail? I’m using a 2018 MacBook, running Catalina 10.15.1, although I suspect this problem came along when I copied my older (2015?) MacBook onto this new one this past summer. I generally leave my email open all the time, but for a long time now when I would return, after being away from the keyboard for a bit, Mail would be completely frozen, ie not responding. So I would Force Quit, and reopen. I would have to use the apple icon to even get to Force Quit, that’s how stuck Mail would get.

I remember you posting at one point about rebuilding an index file, but haven’t been able to locate that information to attempt it. I was also interested in a conversation you were having on the forum that showed a path to a 98GB log file but that file path doesn’t seem to exist on my computer.

I have a total of 34 emails. 17 @mybusinessdomain, 1 address, 1 address, and 15 gmail accounts.

Thank you!

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    2 years ago

    34 accounts? That is a lot. I don’t know if it is “too much” but with each connection to each server I suppose there is a small chance of a server connection problem, and when multiplied by 34 I have no doubt that you have more problems than most people.

    To rebuild a mailbox, you would simply select it in the left sidebar and then choose Mailbox, Rebuild from the menu. But you’ve got 34, so that won’t be much fun for sure. I wouldn’t do it for more than one mailbox at a time.

    Surely there must be a more productive way for you to structure things? Seems like you may be better off using an enterprise solution if this is all part of running a business or providing support. I’d consult with an email expert to maybe see how you can better organize things.

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