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Is It Possible To Move a Picture From Email and Make Into Wallpaper for a Phone?

Would like to move a picture from email to make a new wallpaper picture.

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    2 years ago

    I’m going to assume you are reading your email on the iPhone in question. In that case, you can simply touch and hold on the image in the Mail app, and then select Save Image. How this looks depends on whether the image in part of the email message, or just a link to an image online. It is impossible to tell until you click and hold. But even then, the option you are looking for is Save Image.

    This saves it to your Photos app. Then you can go into your Photos app and view that image. When viewing it, tap the Share button (looks like a box with an arrow) and select Use as Wallpaper.

    Debbie Hadsel
    2 years ago

    When I try to select a photo to use as wallpaper, the image becomes too big for the screen. For example, a photo with three people as wallpaper only shows the face of the person in the middle. How can I use this photo where all the people will show on the screen?

    2 years ago

    Debbie: My guess is that you are trying to use a horizontal photo as a vertical wallpaper. Is that correct? In that case the image is zoomed so it fills the vertical space from top to bottom, leaving out the sides. You’ll need to use a vertical image of similar ratio to your screen. You can choose another photo, or use an app to create a vertical image, perhaps placing the photo you want in the center of a field of solid color, or maybe stacking several horizontal photos to make a vertical one.

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