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Is It Possible To Open a New Keynote Presentation and Always Have It Start With a Blank Slide ?

Is it possible to open a new keynote presentation and always have it start with a blank slide (and when you add new slides to have them blank as well) – Yes I know you can alter & save maters etc, but is there any way to make keynote ALWAYS open a new presentation automatically with blank slides without having to change masters each time…. ?

Continuously using keynote (I’m a teacher) but always just want to open a blank presentation without the title / subtitle carry on so that I can just straight away get on with putting my own material on it how I want it…

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    3 years ago

    Yes. Start a new presentation with the Theme you want to use. Don't worry about the non-blank slide that is there. Go right to View, Edit Master Slides. With the list of Master Slides on the left, drag the Blank slide so it is the first one in the list. This first master slide is the one that is automatically created when you start a new document.

    Then exit editing Master Slides. Now use File, Save Theme. Save this as your own custom theme with a name.

    Now when you start a new document, choose that Theme instead of the original. It will start with a single slide using that first template in the theme, the blank one.

    You can also now go to Keynote, Preferences, General and change For New Presentations to automatically use that Theme rather than making you choose.

    3 years ago

    Hi Gary - Wow ! Like many people, I've been trying to do this for-forever and finally you've come up with the answer !!! Yes - changing the keynote preferences (the last part of your method) was the real deal maker here. Absolutely can't thank you enough - Brilliant ! Do keep up the fantastic work ! :)

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