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Is It Possible To Redirect an E-Mail On iPhone Like On the Mac?

I have set up a rule on the Mac, which redirects an email once I receive it from a specific individual.

I would like to achieve the same on the iPhone as well. Is it possible at all? Does the workflow application support the redirect feature?
Kishore Kumar Maistry

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    3 years ago

    No, yes and no. No, in that there is no redirect option on iOS, and there is also no “rules” that can be set on iOS.

    But, yes, in that it can be done the proper way, using your email server. Email is really a server-based application. The Mail apps on your Mac and iOS are just ways to view the server data that makes up your email account. Setting up any rule on your Mac is problematic in that it only really works perfectly if your Mac gets the email message and nothing else. If you are getting email on your iPhone, iPad, and maybe multiple Macs, then a rule on just one Mac is going to produce erratic results.

    But, for instance, if you are using Gmail as your email server, then you would go to the Gmail website, look in the settings there, and set a rule for doing what you need. In Gmail, Rules are called Filters. You can create a filter to look for the email messages you specify, and then the action for the filter would be to Forward it to someone else.

    You can do the same for iCloud email by going to the iCloud Web site, then the Mail web app, then settings and creating a rule.

    But in both cases for Gmail and iCloud, I don’t see a “Redirect” option, only the “Forward” option. But at least you can opt to Forward it on and also archive the message too.

    3 years ago

    Thanks Gary for the swift reply.

    I tried forwarding the message to another sender as indicated by you in gmail using filters.

    Regrettably, in order to forward, the other sender needs to approve it.

    Is there any other way I can achieve auto forwarding the mail from specific sender to another sender?

    3 years ago

    Kishore: Not sure what you mean by the other send needs to approve it. Did you get some sort of error message or something? Forwarding is just a basic email function so it shouldn’t require anything special.

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