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Is It Quicker or Better To Update iOS Via iTunes or the Device?

Is it better to update to the latest version of iOS via iTunes or directly on the Device? Also which is quicker or the smaller download?
I thought that I read somewhere a while ago, that updates on iOS devices were incremental, whereas it was a “full download” via iTunes.
Many thanks.

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    11 years ago

    I would imagine that going from iOS 5 to iOS 6, the "incremental" thing doesn't matter. It is a whole new OS, so I'd imagine it is full size either way.
    I don't know if either is better. If you happen to be at your computer and plugged in, then I'd do it via iTunes. You should be plugging in regardless to do a regular sync+backup to iTunes, so why not?

      Patricia Manzo
      11 years ago

      I was able to upgrade my i phone 4s and my computer o iOS6.0 but my i pad still stays at iOS 5.1.1 It will not upgrade

        11 years ago

        Which iPad do you have? iOS 6 is only for iPad 2 and the 3rd generation iPad.

    11 years ago

    Thank you Gary. I've done my sync and backup, but didn't think about the fact that it was a full upgrade. I have quite a few devices to upgrade, so was just looking for the least time consuming way.

    Was hoping to get the upgrade a bit earlier here in Australia, but we are still waiting.

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