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Is It Safe To Save Financial Documents In iCloud?

Hi Gary,

Do you think it’s safe to save financial documents in iCloud provided one has a good password and two-factor authentication enabled? If so, do you recommend encrypting the documents before uploading them? Right now I have them saved locally (on my hard drive), but I’m wondering if that’s being overly cautious.

Michael Friesen

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    4 years ago

    iCloud Drive is already encrypted. So there is no need to encrypt them again. I'd say that it is generally safe to save personal financial documents as long as your password is strong (and unique!) and you have two-factor. Also, of course, that you are the only one with access to those two factors.

    Your main vulnerability would be if someone would scam you for access. But that is true no matter where you store the data.

    If someone were to get a hold of your data, like stealing one of your devices, it is possible to decrypt it with a huge amount of effort. So the secret documents of fortune 500 companies or national governments need a higher level of security. But unless you are a spy, corporate leader, or government official, then iCloud Drive is very secure.

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