Forum Question: Is my OS 32 or 64 bit?

Hey Gary, quick basic question,

My vendor says my Macbook 13″ Unibody, Snow Leopard has 64 bit OS,
The system diagnostics, Software tab says this, however
’64-bit Kernel and Extensions: No’
So is my OS 64 bit or not? Should I stick to VLC player 32 bit or get the 64 bit one?

— Ank

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    7/19/10 @ 1:03 pm

    Your Mac is 64 bit. Snow Leopard is 64-bit. Many applications, like Safari and Mail are 64 bit.
    64-bit Kernel applies to just the Kernel. It is in 32-bit mode by default, or otherwise some applications and extensions would fail to run. But a 32-bit Kernel won’t slow down your work at all — it would only affect a few high-end applications running if you had a ton of memory installed. And even then, probably not by enough to notice.
    See episode 286.

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