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Is Paying $1,700 for a New MacBook Worth It?

Is paying $1700 for an upgrade from early 2015 MacBook Air to Apple Refurbished 2018 MacBook Pro worth it? My Air has 2.2Ghz Intel Core i7, 8 GB ram and 500 GB internal storage. The refurbished 2018 MB Pro has 2.3 Ghz Quad core i5 with 16 GB ram and 512 GB internal storage. I’ve already figured in the approx. $450 I could get for my Air on eBay.

I mostly use the computer for Quicken, Numbers, Pages, Photos and a CAD program (LiveHome3D Pro) to do floor plans for our residential remodeling business.

Would I see that much improvement with the quad core over my existing Air?

Your input is greatly appreciated… Thank you… Doug
Doug Brandt

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    4 years ago

    It really is subjective. For some people, $1,700 isn't that much and if they get something a little faster or more capable in some way, then it is worth it. If you make six-figures consulting, for instance, and you use your Mac as your primary tool, then it may make sense to spend this every year.

    The big question for you is do you have any problem with your current Mac? Is it slowing you down in some way? And what is that costing you? Is that CAD software sluggish on a machine that is using an integrated graphics chipset? Also, is the new MacBook Pro you are considering using an integrated GPU or a dedicated one? That's a huge specification you left out of your list (most people do forget to account for it). It is possible that your CAD software would perform better with a dedicated GPU. It is probably much more important than whether you get a quad-core or not.

    Another factor is going from a 4-year-old Mac to a new one. How much longer would the 2015 last you? Maybe another year? Four? A new Mac would push back that line quite a bit, right?

    Also, consider that an older MacBook Air is a non-retina display and a new MacBook Pro would be retina. For me, personally, this is a huge difference. Text, images, graphics, are all clearer, sharper and easier on the eyes.

    So in the end it is up to you to decide whether to spend the money on a new Mac this year. Only you can weigh the pros and cons for your personal situation.

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