Forum Question: Is Quicktime 7 Pro Worth the Money?

Is QT 7 Pro worth the $29.99 ? I have been reading info in Apples site, is the only difference between QT 10 & & Pro more files that can be viewed & converted ? Also I understand QT 7 Pro is suppose to have better editing features, but having iMovie, how would that differ ?

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    10/23/11 @ 9:36 pm

    QuickTime 7 Pro has some interesting features, and is more than just having more conversion formats. But unless you have a specific need that you know QuickTime 7 Pro will fill, then don’t get it. If you need to edit video, iMovie does a lot more, it just doesn’t give you some of the raw access to the QuickTIme movie that QT7 Pro does.
    See episode 114:

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    10/25/11 @ 9:23 am

    I have just clicked on your link to the Quicktime video. Yes its very good what it can do. My gripe is you had Quicktime 7 to start with,and then they come up with Quicktime Pro for £20 which to be quite honest i hardly use Quicktime 7 any way. To me its just another nice little earner for Apple. They could have just upgraded Quicktime 7 to Pro.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    10/27/11 @ 10:54 am

    When you are say going to play a movie,a list runs down the side to pick which player you want to choose. I always choose VLC. QuickTime 7 is not even in the list to choose from, RealPlayer media is the first one,and then there are four others.
    QuickTime Player,Adobe Media Player,Windows Player and VLC. I do not see the point of QuickTime Player either,because it says movie loading in,and that one is out the window as well.

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